Legends Train Academy

Membership Includes:

    1. A New Workout Routine Everyday created by Susy Castillo that you can follow along with ease so you can properly perform each workout and stay on track of your goals.
    2. Access to our Private Fitness Mobile Platform so you can access your workouts while at the gym or at home and stay on track 24/7.
    3. Access to a community of Like Minded Individuals so you never feel alone throughout your fitness journey. We will hold each other accountable. 
    4. Access to Exclusive Educational Content that will help learn about macro dieting, staying healthy, and learn from other top fitness experts.

    Bonus 1: Never worked out before? No need to stress, you’ll get access to our Video Exercise Library with over 100 Movements so you can learn and properly perform each exercise. 

    Bonus 2: Want immediate feedback? You’ll get Access to our Live Virtual Workouts Twice per week so can train with Susy Castillo via Zoom.

    Bonus 3: Don’t have access to a gym? We’ve got you covered with NEW at home workouts daily!

    Bonus 4: 20% Discount Code on all Purchases on LegendsTrain.com, saving you on sports apparel and supplements.

    More to come soon.

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